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How an affiliate link works
With the “” partner program, you register free of charge and create a user account.
Once this is done, you can generate links for specific products of your choice
and install these links on your own website. For example, if the partner runs a travel agency or a website on the subject of Majorca or rental cars, he can place the link there under a post.
The commission is determined and communicated to the partner. If a customer clicks on the link, “” can automatically register this using so-called cookies.
If the customer then also completes a rental car reservation (even if this happens several days later), the travel agency/website operator receives its commission.
As a partner, you hardly have to do anything yourself. Of course, your own website or blog should be well structured and offer something in terms of content, but you don’t have to buy any goods or offer a specific service.
It is comparatively easy to integrate the links into your own website. We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance.