For a rental, a valid credit card must be presented as security on site. Alternatively, if you do NOT have a credit card, you have the option of paying a guarantee of 500/800/1200EU (depending on the type of vehicle) and the rental price by EC card at Mallorca Airport. This option is indicated in the vehicle description. In addition, you also have the possibility to pay in cash.

IMPORTANT: With us you rent the vehicle cheaper than on site. Therefore, it is imperative to present the car rental voucher (voucher) with the price it contains on site. If you arrive without this letter, we will not be liable and will not refund any overpayments.

In principle, the following conditions apply:


  1. The minimum age is usually 21 years, the age given in the vehicle description is a higher age.
  2. All kilometres driven are includedin the rental price.
  3. The fuel bill varies depending on the car rental company, so you will find this information under “detailed rental conditions” in the vehicle list. (move the mouse over the vehicle image).
  4. Full insurance is always inclusive. Details will be displayed on the website when calculating the price.
  5. Airport service: A staff member awaits you at the arrival of Palma de Mallorca Airport. After the formalities (5 minutes) get your rental vehicle in the VIP parking lot of the airport. No waiting times, no queuing, no search in the car park.
  6. The minimum rental period is three days.
  7. A rental day has 24 hours. i.e. if you take over the vehicle at 10 a.m., the days count until 10 a.m. (plus about 1 hour of goodwill)
  8. a) Payment: This can be arranged after online reservation by credit card or bank transfer.
    b) Cancellation: If you need to cancel the vehicle,
    the s
    is possible up to 48 hours before arrival, when you complete the offered cancellation insurance. If you do not take over your vehicle without cancellation, 100 of the rental price will be charged.
  9. Additional services: Various additional services are offered at the time of booking, such as child seats, navigation devices or supplementary insurance. All additional services can also be added after the reservation. Cancellation insurance is excluded. This can only be selected directly at the time of booking, not afterwards.
  10. The driver must have been in possession of a valid driving licence for at least one year.
  11. After submitting your reservation, you will receive some of the confirmation/voucher for printing. Some vehicle categories must be reconfirmed by the landlord to ensure 100 safe delivery on site. This is usually done within 24 hrs by e-mail.
  12. All the information you need to take over the rental car can be found in the booking confirmation. You can print them out after the transaction is completed.
  13. If a customer wants to rent a specific model in a category, we will try to provide the selected model. However, a guarantee is not possible. If there is no vehicle available in the selected category, a vehicle of a higher category will be provided in principle.
  14. Tank control: With us you have the most customer-friendly tank control. The vehicle is delivered with a full tank and returned in the same way. Please note the conditions of your local car rental company.
  15. On-site service charges: Most car rental companies in Mallorca collect a so-called “service fee” in addition to the rental price. This varies from 15€ to 50€. We do not have this fee. You only pay what is on your rental contract, no additional “service fees”.
  16. Customer Service:If you have had any difficulties on site, we will be happy to assist you with the regulation with your car rental company upon presentation of the rental agreement. However, liability for the local car rental company and/or insurer is excluded.
    Vouchers, discounts, auctions If you are in possession of a discount from a special promotion on our part, you can redeem it with us. Per rental is max. a promotion is applicable. Legal redress is excluded.